Luxion Keyshot Pro 5.0.99 x86 with Keygen

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Luxion Keyshot Pro 5.0.99 x86 with Keygen
CAD\CAM Luxion, a leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and maker of KeyShot, the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program, is pleased to announce the release of Luxion Keyshot Pro 5.0.99 x86 with Keygen, with this version, introducing a completely revamped user interface with comprehensive updates to existing features and new tools.

Luxion Keyshot Pro 5.0.99 – What’s New!

- User Interface Improvements
new user interface Luxion Keyshot Pro 5.0.99 x86 with Keygen Even though KeyShot is already the easiest to use rendering solution available, this didn‘t stop the developers at Luxion from optimising the interface even more and provide the desired results even faster e.g. through the new welcome screen giving direct access to recently used scenes, news and tutorials.

- NURBS Raytracing
NURBS raytracing in Luxion Keyshot Pro 5.0.99 x86 with Keygen Ultimate perfection: Instead of approximate calculation of renderings by means of polygons you now can directly render your CAD data without triangulating for maximum precision.

- KeyShot Cloud
KeyShot CloudGet access to a variety of material, textures and environments from other users of the KeyShot community.

- Animated Materials
animated lights realised with with material animationCreate animations with changing materials, including physical lights, of course!

- Motion Blur
Motion BlurSometimes, perfection doesn’t need to be perfect. KeyShot’s new Motion Blur feature allows to simulate the technical shortcomings of real-world photo and video cameras when capturing moving objects.

Other new features in KeyShot 5

  • Automatically fit to perspective: Place your models in proper perspective right from the start – even if you have no information about your backplate’s parameters. Just draw a sketch on the ground where you want the object and KeyShot will do the rest.
  • Pattern tool: Place patterns of model instances in your scene, e.g. circular or rectangular formations – just as you know it from your CAD software.
  • New materials and procedural textures: the library has been extended including two-coloured materials
  • Use animations in KeyShotVR
  • Extended functionality in HDRI Editor

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